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Project Manager and Lead Designer - Biiah
Their Mission
My time at Biiah
Biiah Timeline.png
My tasks as project manager

I spearheaded sales operations, cultivating robust client relationships and ensuring user satisfaction. Collaborating with the CEO, I orchestrated successful fundraising endeavors, identifying investors aligned with our values and proactively reaching out to establish connections. Overseeing a dynamic tech team comprising five engineers, I efficiently delegated tasks through Jira and monitored key performance indicators (KPIs). Additionally, I implemented and managed our CRM system using HubSpot, enabling meticulous tracking and analysis of metrics to inform strategic decision-making processes.

Generating user personas

Utilizing user data and comprehensive market research, I crafted six distinct personas meticulously tailored to depict our target audience faithfully. I dissected the pivotal facets of user behaviour, categorizing each persona based on key attributes.


Refer to the visual representation on the right for a detailed breakdown, highlighting crucial elements such as pain points, motivations, and more. This strategic approach empowered our product design process, enabling us to align our app with the diverse needs of a broad user base.

UI/UX Design

I played a pivotal role in shaping the company's digital presence by conceptualizing and designing both the app and website. Through a thorough understanding of our target audience, I crafted a seamless user flow to enhance our sales strategy.


To validate our initiatives, I conducted seven successful user tests with over a thousand participants, refining our offerings based on valuable feedback. Furthermore, I took charge of creating and formatting our fundraising pitch deck, a key element in attracting investor support. 

Accumulating data

Aligned with the ethos of a dynamic startup, our decision-making process was anchored in robust data analysis. I assumed the responsibility of extracting and synthesizing data from our app users, client sessions, and website metrics.


My role extended to meticulously analyzing this wealth of information, discerning patterns in user behaviour, identifying popular features, and addressing any discernible gaps in our offerings.


Beyond this, I delved into the data from our newsletters and investor outreach, scrutinizing open rates, implementing automated workflows, and cultivating a profound understanding of our user base.

Our clients

Our extensive clientele, encompassing around 20 esteemed companies across the UK, included industry giants such as ExxonMobil and BAE Systems. We facilitated regular singing sessions with our renowned coaches for these companies, conducted either on a weekly or monthly basis.

Throughout these sessions, we implemented a unique approach by monitoring participants' well-being through our specialized app. This innovative tool allowed us to gather valuable insights into attendees' physiological responses, including heart rate and breathing rates. This holistic approach not only enhanced the singing experience but also provided a comprehensive understanding of the positive impact on the participants' overall well-being.

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