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Design Engineer Mentor - ASL Robotics
Their Mission
My tasks as a robotics mentor

Since 2017, I have dedicated my time as a robotics mentor at The American School in London. The team under my guidance consists of 60 enthusiastic students ranging from 14 to 18 years old, all driven to construct a robot and participate in competitions in the USA. As part of my role, I introduce the students to essential engineering practices, impart skills in effective project management, and emphasize the importance of teamwork.


In 2023, our collective efforts bore fruit when we traveled to Orange County, California, USA, to compete. The team's dedication and hard work resulted in a triumphant win at the regionals, securing our qualification for the World Championships held in Houston, Texas, USA. This journey not only showcased the students' technical prowess but also highlighted the collaborative and strategic skills instilled through our mentorship.

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