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Two Month Internship - The Magic of Things
Their Mission

“The Cauldron is a magical pub and tech lab in London, New York, Dublin, and Edinburgh that uses design, science, and IoT tech to bring the magic from fantasy books to life in an immersive, interactive experience”

My Task

Along with other Design and Electrical Engineers, we designed mechanisms to make the customers believe in magic. We would do ideation sessions to come up with ideas, sit down and sketch our concepts, 3D print and laser cut prototypes, and eventually bring our products to the cocktail bars. We used SCRUM meetings to keep us organised, allowing us to stay on top of our projects.

Self-Stirring Bowl

During an ideation session, we came up with an idea on how to make a self-stirring bowl of soup. I took charge in desiging and developing this idea that would eventually go out into the market.

Several different iteration methods underwent to reach this final product. Different mechanisms were tested to try to replicate the reality of a self-stirring bowl. 

Levitating Candle

The project started with making floating candles. At first, a big model was 3D Printed, however, the goal was to make the product light, so I minimised the design to be as small as possible. The purpose of this design was so that it would be placed around the venue and the customers would be surprised to see the floating candles.



Levitating Glass

As the floating candles appeared to be very popular, we decided as a team to make floating cocktail glasses. The design for the cup holder was made on Fusion 360 and was given an interesting pattern to make it look magical.

Videos of Levitating Mechanisms
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